How it Works ?


Find A Deserving Student

Select a needy student by checking their educational background and economic status. We talk to the students, their family members and/or teachers to find out more about them.


Provide Support

We give them necessary guidance and financial assistance. We assign a mentor if necessary, to help them select a career of their choice. We then find out the financial assistance required for their college fees, books and/or hostel facilities.


Student Completes Education

Vidya Vikas will periodically monitor their performance by staying in regular contact with the students and by contacting their mentors.The student with our help completes education.


Student Motivated to Give Back to Vidyavikas

After the student becomes a professional, he or she gives back to Vidya Vikas, by mentoring other students or by donating to Vidya Vikas.

Schematic Representation of How Vidyavikas Works

Schematic Representation of How VidyaVikas Works