How can I help?

Vidya Vikas is an organization run by like-minded people, who believe that empowerment can be done through education. One can help either by donating or by becoming a volunteer or by recommending a deserving student.


How are the students selected?

Vidya Vikas selects students by checking their educational background and economic status. A volunteer from Vidya Vikas will talk to the student and his family to know how needy the student is and what the student aims for in the future.


How will the money reach the students? 

After we select students, we ask every student to open a bank account. The money is then deposited directly to their accounts from.  Vidya Vikas provides financial support to cover admission fees, hostel expenses (if any), books, conveyance charges, etc based on each student’s requirement.


Whom do I need to approach for my educational needs?

You can contact either email to us at info@vidyavikas.org or call one of the numbers listed on the “Contact Us” page.


Can I recommend a recipient, if so how?

You can recommend a recipient by clicking on the “Suggest a beneficiary” link and filling in the details.


Do I need to donate to recommend a recipient?

No, your recommendation shall be taken even if you are not a donor. But you will have to register at Vidya Vikas.


How do I donate?

You can either donate through our website by using a credit card or by sending a cheque to one of the persons listed in the “Contact Us” page. Donations made are eligible for 80G exemption.