About Us

It all began through humble means. When a couple of like minded friends noticed that the kids in a nearby orphanage had no means of continuing their education, they started thinking about ways they can help in their own way.

Today, almost 5 years after it began, Vidya Vikas has grown from helping only a handful of children to an organization that supports more than 150 students continue their education. It has received government recognition and charitable status. It has members in different continents who have one goal, make a difference in the life of someone deserving. The guiding philosophy for the organization has remained the same all through – development through education or Vidya Vikas.

Vidya Vikas is a no overhead organization. Mostly comprised of educated professionals who want to make a difference, all the functions starting from identifying deserving candidates to allocating funds are performed by volunteers who are committed to spending some of their extra time for a good cause.

We believe that Vidya Vikas can sustain and grow only with a transparent operation. Donors have direct visibility to the operations – from student selection to allocation of funds. A donor may directly contact the beneficiaries and monitor their progress. Regular updates will be sent on the allocation of funds and academic progress of the beneficiaries.

Many acute problems India faces today can be alleviated by educating our children. Vidya Vikas has taken this small step of helping the economically backward deserving children. If you believe in the cause and would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you. This website is intended to provide you information about Vidya Vikas. Please feel free to contact our volunteers to get involved. The organization stands on the unselfish motive of educating the economically backward and deserving children of India.

Join, towards making a difference in the life of someone deserving..